The A-List is an initiative aimed at creating a comprehensive Pan-African database of women working within the TV, film, content, animation and related industries. 

The list was suggested at the DISCOP Zanzibar Women of Influence panel event in July 2018. All women, from those just starting out in the industry, to seasoned professionals, are invited to submit their details to this list.

The list will be officially launched as a searchable database later this year via the Ladima website. The Ladima Foundation will promote the database to production companies and other organisations across the continent.


We all know that there is always the right woman for the job, and with this list there can no longer be the excuse that a woman could not be found to fill a role, especially technical roles, within film and TV productions.

Please take a moment to fill out your details and share this link with your female colleagues working in the industry. 

NB: By submitting your details you agree to have your information as part of a public / searchable database. We will NOT share your information with 3rd parties outside of those searching via the platform. 

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