Ladima Hosts Women's Film Festival Residency Training

The Ladima Foundation is now excited to announce the first of its formal residency program for all four festival partners that will include the Festival Directors / CEO's of these film festivals. This training will be taking place from August 13th - 17th in Kigali, Rwanda.

Ladima Launches Women Film Festival Network

Last month at the opening of the Africa Hub at the European Film Market of the Berlinale, the Ladima Foundation announced a new initiative for 2019, the formation of a network of women-focused and managed film and cultural festivals from across Africa.

Ladima Foundation Announces Advisory Board

The Ladima Foundation has announced the appointment of a high-profile Advisory Board made up of a host of well-respected film and TV industry professionals from across the globe

Ladima Partners with IFFF Dortmund/ Cologne

The Ladima Foundation has welcomed The Dortmund I Cologne International Women's Film Festival as a Mentor Festival member in the recently established Ladima Women's Film Festival Network, as it provides further training and support for women filmmakers across the African continent.

Women of Influence at DISCOP Joburg

The Ladima Foundation brought together a host of influential women for a panel discussion on at the recent DISCOP Joburg. 

Ladima at EFM Africa Hub

The Ladima Foundation was invited to take part in the Africa Hub at the European Film Market where they announced two new initiatives. 

Adiaha Award

The Ladima Foundation presented its 2nd annual Adiaha Award for Best Documentary from an African Women at ZIFF 2018. 

Ladima Launches A-List

As the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements move the needle on conversations about gender parity in Hollywood and beyond, African women are determined not to be left behind.

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